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Boarding  |   Training

Training facilities
All of our arenas are rideable within 1-2 days after the rains, regardless of the amount of rain, as are our track and the state park trails. All of our arenas are harrowed and groomed on a regular basis. We are known for our good footing, so we do not allow longeing or turnouts in our Jumping or Dressage arenas.
Lighted Jumping Ring Lighted Jump Ring
Our 250' x 300' Grand Prix Jumping Arena is fenced for schooling green horses and riders, complete with a full jump course and sprinklers. This is also where we hold our schooling shows.

Additional pictures:
Lighted Jumping Ring Lighted Jumping Ring and Patio Lighted Jumping Ring

Dressage Arena Dressage Arena
Our Dressage Arena is regulation Olympic size, complete with sprinklers and letters.

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Dressage Arena Dressage Arena Dressage Arena

Nike footing Arena Nike footing Arena
This arena is 225' x 300' and can be used for longeing and is perfect for a Western trainer.

Round pens Round Pens
Our bullpen and 80' round pen are ideal for longeing, turnouts, or beginner lessons. In addition, our new bullpen is also perfect for breaking colts.

Additional pictures:
Bull Pen Round Pen