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Peck Farm provides locations for productions large and small: major motion pictures, television programs, commercial productions. Find your next spot for any type of production here at Peck Farm. Peck Farm is not your "typical" film location. We love what we do here and continually strive to be more than just a one-time location for Productions. Repeat business and word-of-mouth are vital to our business' success, and we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Peck Farm presents the best location for all your commercial filmmaking and still life photography needs. Our area also serves as a working farm and ranch in Moorpark, California. At our privately owned property, you get versatile backdrops with our working horse ranch, orchards, and glens for any ranch film. We have done what it takes to provide clients with whatever they need to get their work done. Not only do we provide a beautiful and relaxing place to work, we contribute to the harmonious environment by being easy to get along with.

Location managers, to scout this location you may contact Owner, Nance Tapley-Peck, or Site Representative, Denis Doucette.

Nance Tapley-Peck

Denis Doucette