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Show Results
Show Results
April 25, 2021
Hooray for Lucas and Lilah
Lucas Doswell on Peck Farm's Cheyanne got a second, third, fourth, and fifth in his Walk/Trot Division and Lilah Campbell on Peck Farm's Found Guilty (aka Nye) got four fourths in her flat classes: Intro Rider X-Rail Hunter Under Saddle (12-17), Intro Rider X-Rail Equitation on the Flat (12-17), Long Stirrup Eq. Flat, and Long Stirrup Hunters U/S. Congratulations to them both!!!

October 6, 2019
Three Cheers for Soheila, Sierra, and Emma!
Soheila Diaz brought home 2 thirds and a fourth in her Walk/Trot classes on Peck Farm's Root Beer. Sierra Terry and Peck Farm's Bubba Gump and Emma Johnston and Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl received a 7th and 6th (Sierra) and a 5th and 4th (Emma) in their Intro Rider X-Rail Hunter Under Saddle and Intro Rider X-Rail Equitation on the Flat classes. Well done, ladies!

June 12, 2016
PF Kids Win at Camelot
Sierra Terry on Peck Farm's Root Beer (aka Buddy) got two seconds and a fifth in the Walk/Trot Division and Emma Johnson, also on Peck Farm's Root Beer, got a third, two sevenths, and and eighth when combined with ALL the Opportunity X-Rail riders between the ages of 8-18. Emma is only 9 and this was her second show, first one jumping. Lilah Campbell showed Peck Farm's Cheyanne and got a third, fourth and a fifth in their first show, Walk/Trot Division. Congratulations to our kids who work so hard and to all our lesson horses that take such good care of them! XOXOXO

May 20, 2016
Congratulations Judy and Sara!
On April 16, Judy Herbert on Wellington placed second and received 3 thirds at .80 Jumpers at Verdugo Hills. Then today at Verdugo Hills again, they IMPROVED, garnering two firsts, and one second .80 Jumpers! Go Judy and Welly!!! Sara Cizek on Peck Farm's Found Guilty got 3 firsts and a second in .70 Jumpers. This was their first Jumper class ever! Congrats! WHOO HOO!!!!

September 27, 2015
Team Peck Farm Wins Big at Camelot
Sohelia Diaz was Division Champion in the leadline class at her first show; Sierra Terry was Division Champion in the Walk/Trot Division at her first show, both on Peck Farm's Root Beer (aka Buddy). Megan Walsh got a second and two thirds in the 2'6 Low Hunter Division on Peck Farm's Found Guilty (aka Nye). Courtney Wlasiuk was Champion in the Wake Up Jumpers 2'3" Division, and got a second, two thirds, and a fourth in her Short Stirrup Division on Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl (aka Blackberry. Courtney is the current Reserve Champion, only behind by 16 points. Our next show is the Championship at Elvenstar which is double pointed. We still have a shot at Champion for the year with Courtney on Blackberry in the Short Stirrup Division! Then the Medals Finals after that in Nov. WOO HOO!!!! Congratulations to our riders, and many thanks to all our helpers and parents!!

April 19, 2015
Congratulations to Courtney and Eleanna!
Courtney Wlasiuk on Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl was Champion of the Short Stirrup Division with 3 firsts and two seconds. She also won the Tri Valley Stirrup Cup Medals class and qualified for the year end Medals Finals! Eleanna Laba garnered 4ths, 5ths and a 6th in the Long Stirrup Division on Peck Farm's Creme Brulee in her fourth lifetime show! Congratulations AGAIN!!!!

March 22, 2015
Way to go, Eleanna!
Eleanna Laba and Peck Farm's Creme Brulee (aka Baxter) won Reserve Champion for the Long Stirrup Division at Elvenstar! This was only Eleanna's third lifetime show in three years. We are so proud of you! Congrats and Yippee!!!

January 17, 2015
TVHSA Awards Banquet
Congratulations are in order for Emily Reinig, who was awarded Year End Champion in Pony Hunters 17 & Under for 2014, as well as reserve Champion for Pony Division in 2014. Here's to another great season!

December 5, 2014
2014 George Morris Clinic
Hello everyone! We wanted you all to be aware of the opportunity to see our famous United States Equestrian Coach, George Morris (newly retired) in action here in Southern California. He's about 77 years old now and still does clinics throughout the United States and will get on a strange horse and go over a 4'6" foot jump to show you how it's done. He'll also get on a strange horse and school it to demonstrate what he's talking about to the audience and the rider. It's a wonderful experience and gives you goals to aspire to! His clinic will be taking place December 12, 13, and 14th at Whitethorne Ranch in Somis. We will be there all three days, so look for the red Peck Farm hats. (If you want a hat, please let Nance know ASAP so she can order some on Monday. They are $15.00 each.) If you have any questions, please call us at 805-529-1939.

Additional information is available here. Hope to see you all there!

October 6, 2014
Congratulations, Emily!
Emily Reinig placed second in the qualifying class of the Tri Valley Stirrup Cup Medal Finals. In addition, she recieved a first in her Pony Hunters (2') and a fourth in her Pony Equitation (2') classes. We are so proud of you!

September 21, 2014
Next stop: TVHSA Championship Show and Medal Finals Show!
As of our last show on September 14th, Emily Reinig is #1 for the Tri Valley 17 & Under Pony Hunters Finals on Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl. Emily also qualified for the Tri Valley Stirrup Medals Finals. Both finals will be held at Camelot in Newhall on October 4th and 5th. We will be showing there both days. Look for us and come support Emily, Blackberry and Peck Farm! Yeah Emily and Miss B!

September 10, 2014
Congratulations Nance!!!
We are pleased to announce that Nance has successfully completed the USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) Trainer Certification Program and is now a USHJA Certified Trainer! Woohoo!!

September 7, 2014
Go Emily, Go!
Emily Reinig and my Blackberry Swirl showed at Elvenstar today in the 17 & Under Pony Hunter Division and brought home a first, two seconds, a third, and a fourth. She is in the Tri Valley Horse Show Association's top three in her division for the year. Thanks to the Ponce's and the Roger's for coming to support her! They are next! We will be at Camelot next Sunday, September 14, with Emily Reinig on Blackberry Swirl again and Eleanna Laba on Creme Brulee (aka Baxter). Wish them luck!

August 5, 2014
Congratulations to Lauren and Nye!
Lauren and Peck Farm's Found Guilty (Nye) received 4 seconds, 2 thirds, and 1 fourth in their Hunters (2'3-2'6) classes at the Ventura County Fair on Tuesday. They did a great job and we are so proud of them both!

August 3, 2014
The Saddle Club Strikes Again!
Emily Reinig got 2 firsts and 4 seconds and was Reserve Champion in the Tri Valley Pony Hunters at Camelot on Sunday. In addition, she placed 4th in her Medals class.

Eleanna Laba and Katie Allen competed in their first X-Rail classes, receiving a second, two fourths, and two fifths (Eleanna) and two thirds, two fourths, and a fifth (Katie). Keep up the good work, ladies!

June 15, 2014
Notice Anything Different?
We are excited to announce the release of our newly redesigned website! We hope you will enjoy browsing the site and exploring the changes we've made. Make sure to join our mailing list!

June 8, 2014
Emily Wins Again!
Congratulations are in order for Emily Reinig who got Reserve Champion in the Tri-Valley Pony Hunters Division at Camelot on Sunday. Nice job!!

March 9, 2014
Way to go, Emily!
A round of applause for Emily Reinig who rode Blackberry Swirl in the Long Stirrup class at Camelot's February show! Emily was also in the top three in her Pony Hunters classes at Camelot's Spring Fling just two weeks later. Congratulations on her ribbons!

January 10, 2014
Who's That We See?
Nance and her student, Trinity Brown, are on the front page of the Simi Valley Acorn! See it here.

September 21, 2013
Peck Farm Welcomes the Moorpark Girl Scouts
Today Cindy Lapin and Girl Scout Troop 60207 came by for a tour of Peck Farm. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for visiting us, ladies! It was a pleasure to have you here with us!

July 7, 2013
Lauren and Crew Win Again at Camelot!
Lauren Balthazor and Peck Farm's Found Guilty brought home a first and 4 seconds in their classes at the Camelot Summer Show. Also showing were Emily Reinig and Blackberry, who received a first and two thirds in their Short Stirrup classes, and Eleanna Laba and Punkin Pie, who placed third and fourth in their Cross-Rail classes.

March 23, 2013
Eliana, Katie, Emily, and Emma Win at Camelot!
Eliana Laba (on Peck Farm's Punkin Pie) was named the Walk/Trot Division Champion at the USEF Camelot Show. Katie Allen and Peck Farm's Root Beer placed second and third in their division. Emily Reinig and Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl were the Short, Long, Rusty Division Champions and also placed third in their Futures Medal class. Emma Johnston won First Place in her Leadline class on Peck Farm's Cinnamon and Suger. Well done, ladies!!

May 16, 2010
Peck Farm Students Emerge Victorious at ETI Corral 118 Show!
5-year-old student Taylor Mosley rode Peck Farm's Miss Cherry to a tied victory in her English/Western leadline class; 9-year-old student Emily Reinig brought home 2 thirds and a fourth in her Walk/Trot classes on Peck Farm's Miss Cherry; Judy Herbert won 2 first's and a third in Hunter Hack and the 2'-2'3" division on Peck Farm's RockStar; and Dr. Angela Wagner captured 3 fifth's in her English flat classes on Judy Herbert's Sir Montgomery Flynn. It was the first or second show for everyone and they all brought home a ribbon and a big smile! Congratulations to all!!!

January 30, 2010
Congratulations to Nance!
Nance has officially been carded as a judge and is now available to judge horse shows all over the United States! Way to go!

March 22, 2008
Lisa and Nance Place at Camelot
Lisa Pluger and Absolute Harmony placed second and third in their Green Rider Equitation O/F and Green Rider Horsemanship classes at the March Camelot show. They also captured 2 sixths in their Green Rider Hunters classes. Nance and Habituel Danseur captured a second and third in their Low Pre-Green classes. Congratulations Lisa and Nance!!

May 2007
Peck Farm Welcomes a New Kentucky Derby Hopeful
We are thrilled to announce the birth of our newest prospect, Artax Chance, to our very own Untatar (Artax-Chou Chou) and Princess By Chance (Corwyn Bay-Miss Kimberlee). Mama and baby are doing well! Pictures have been posted in our gallery.

August 27, 2006
Peck Farm's Students Triumphant Again!
Amanda Gahring rode Peck Farm's Prince Charming to a first place finish in her leadline class. Lisa Pluger and Absolute Harmony came in second in their X-Rail Equitation O/F (1'6") class and won 2 fourths in their X-Rail Hunters (1'6") and X-Rail Flat Equitation classes. Congratulations to Amanda and Lisa! We are so proud of you!

July 9, 2006
Kristin and Hannah Earn High Marks at Camelot
Kristin Lee brought home a first and a fourth in her Pony Equitation (2') classes and a third in her Pony Hunters (2') class on Peck Farm's Prince Charming. Hannah Schofield and Peck Farm's Miss Cherry captured a second, fourth, and fifth in their Walk/Trot classes. Nice work, ladies!

May 21, 2006
Elvenstar Events May Horse Show Results
Hannah Schofield and Peck Farm's Miss Cherry received 2 thirds and a fifth in their Walk/Trot classes. Kristin Lee won 2 fifths in her Pony Equitation classes on Peck Farm's Blackberry Swirl and brought home a third, fourth, and fifth in her Pony Hunters classes.

June 27, 2004
Many Fine Showings at the Elvenstar Events June B Tri-Valley Horse Show
Nance Tapley-Peck captured a second, third, and fourth in her Low Pre-Green Hunters classes on Peck Farm's Habituel Danseur. Competing for the first time, students Keighlynn Aellof, Leonie Bremmers, and Madeleine Nemchek captured the top spots in their respective Walk/Trot classes. Keighlynn won a second, third, and fifth on Peck Farm's Z-Man; Leonie and Peck Farm's Miss Cherry came in third; and Madeleine and Pumpkin placed fourth. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

May 23, 2004
Nance and Wicked Win Big at Elvenstar Events May Tri-Valley Horse Show!
Nance Tapley-Peck and her horse, Habituel Danseur (Wicked), captured the top spots in the Low Pre-Green Hunters classes at Elvenstar's May show. Congratulations!!